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How to choose the perfect area rug for each room

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How to choose the perfect area rug for each room

Area rugs are a great way to add functional style to any room. They can be the centerpiece of your room or become the borders that divide an open space up. The right rug can be hard to find since every layout is different, and every style is unique. Therefore, to help make shopping easier, we’ve made a list of general tips and tricks that make rolling out the perfect rug easy.


When it comes to rugs, use your furniture as your starting point to build off of. Typically, it’s better to overdo it on size than getting something that might be too small. If you’re worried about rug placement in relation to the wall, you’ll want to give yourself anywhere from 8 – 24 inches of floor space on all sides of your piece. This helps frame your rugs with whatever style flooring you have.

Here are the rules for each room:

  •  Dining Room – Chairs should be able to be pulled out yet still be on the rug.
  •  Living Room – All furniture should be on top of the rug. If not possible, the front legs only will do.
  •  Bedroom – Basic rule of thumb: you want to feel it when you get out of bed.


The first thing to consider when selecting material for your purchase is the usual foot traffic in the room. Are you placing it in a hallway where you, your kids, and some four-legged friends, will be running up and down all day? If so, consider a stronger material and one easy to clean. We’d recommend sticking to materials like an acrylic-blend that helps stand up to the wear-and-tear of life.

However, suppose you’re looking for something comfier in your less-used or no-shoes areas. The bottom of your feet will thank you if you get something soft, such as a shag rug or something made of wool or silk.


People tend to overthink it when it comes to color and style. This is your chance to make a statement in your home by crafting how each room feels. Typically, a person will want something tamer and relaxing in their bedroom and something more warm and inviting in the living room. Think about what type of statement you want the rug to make for whatever room you’re putting it into.

“I want my rug to pop” – If you’re looking for a centerpiece rug, find a shade of color from an object in the room to base your carpet around. If you find a pattern with that same shade of color, that’s a great choice too.

“I want my rug to blend in” – If you’re looking for something that will never go out of style, we’d recommend sticking to a neutral color – beige and gray are timeless choices.

Always be sure to plan ahead before you make your purchase. Measuring your place and researching how the rug is cleaned can save you a lot of time and effort down the road. Once you figure out these basics, you can quickly start to trim down on the thousands of rugs available to you and find one that both you and your loved ones abide by.